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Welcome to Mrs. Cardy's Cake Shoppe, a fantasy land of Novelty Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes, for those special celebrations. The selection will change with the seasons, so keep coming back to see what we have instore for Christmas, and the New Year.


  • Mrs Cardy's Cake Shoppe

    Our Sweeney Todd inspired photo shoot. All fingers were eaten after this!

  • Evil Dead

    Halloween inspired cupcakes. Maggot cake, worm pie and more. Flavours are Mold, Slime & Blood clot, twists on Marble cake, Vanilla & Chocolate cakes. *Please note that Mrs. Cardy's pies are made by Nuts!!


  • Cute Halloween

    Something a little less scary. 6 Halloween cupcakes including Pumpkin Pie, Witches Brew, Ghostly cake, Bat Fink, Oh Mummy! & Arachnophobia, available in chocolate or vanilla flavours. Box of 6 for £7.50

  • Fathers Days Cupcakes

    Mix and match your cupcakes to create your Dad at work, rest and play.

  • Easter Chicks

    Tasty Easter chicks.

  • Gingerbread Christmas

    A non-traditional style cake with lovable mini gingerbread men and a gingham ribbon.